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Home Health Aide Online Course

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How to get certified as a Home Health Aide (HHA)

People who suffer from certain health issues might need assistance with their daily activities. This assistance is provided by a caregiver who is specialized as a Home Health Aide, also known as HHA.

These types of patients usually need help with basic daily tasks, like bathing or dressing or even eating. HHA offers help for patients to do this, while at the same time they provide companionship and emotional support to the patient.

Becoming a Home Health Aide

To earn your HHA certification, you will need to acquire training and once you are ready, you need to prove competency or pass a certification exam. The requirements for HHA certification vary from state to state. However, most programs include training in the following areas:

Home Health Aide Training

The length of HHA training programs varies from state to state. Some programs are as short as 40 hours, while others can take several weeks or months to complete. The cost of HHA training programs also varies.

Once you have completed a training program and passed a certification exam, you will be a certified HHA. You will be able to work in a variety of settings, including home health agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

But, what are the benefits of a HHA certification?

Any certification will be useful to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that you have and will surely put you several steps ahead of those caregivers that are not certified.

Certification will bring greater job satisfaction and competency.

HHA’s usually feel more confident when working because of their preparation and their higher abilities to take care of their patients, therefore they love what they do and feel more satisfied.


Becoming a HHA is a great way to start a rewarding career in healthcare. It is a relatively short and affordable program that can lead to high-paying and fulfilling jobs.

If you are interested in becoming an Caregiver, we encourage you to take the first step in your caregiver journey Today!

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Nursing Procedures (20 Hours)

Proper Infection Control

Proper Hand Washing Proper

Glove Removal

Fire Safety

Emergency Situations

HIV/Aides Prevention

Food Born Illnesses Prevention &

Kitchen Safety

Medical Error Prevention and Safety

Domestic Violence

Resident Rights

HIPPA Compliance

Lesson 2: Introduction to CPR (4 Hours)


Scene assessment and appropriate response

A-B-C’s of Adult/Child/Infant CPR

Mechanics of Artificial Life Support

Fundamentals of human physiology

(circulatory system)

What is expected during an emergency

situations (including EMS response)

CPR Exam

Lesson 3: Introduction to Measuring Patient’s Vitals (20 Hours)

Medical Record Documentation and

Legal Aspects

Measuring Pulse

Measuring Respiration

Measuring Blood Pressure

Measuring Blood Glucose Level

Measuring and Recording the content of Urinary bag

Measuring and Recording Vitals

Lesson 4: Assisting with Patient Hygiene (20 Hours)

Hair & Nail Care

Mouth Care

Denture Care

Partial Bed Bath

Assisting with Bedpan

Assisting with Medication

Lesson 5: Assisting a Disabled Patient (6 Hours)


Wheel Chair Transfer

Communication with Cognitively impaired clients

Lesson 6: Terminal Care (5 Hours)

Common Illnesses of the Elderly

End of Life Care.

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