Nursing Certifications Online Reviews​

In March of 2010, we started asking our clients for their opinions and feedback on their completed online course. Here are online reviews of what people just like you said about our services:

This online course has a lot of valuable information on patient care. The videos that were in some of the lessons were very helpful for us visual learners. Having the ability to see how a lesson looks when done on a patient is helpful. Being able to study at my own pace is something I really enjoy doing. It is nice to be able to study online whenever I have time to study. I was surprised at how fast I could get started with the online lessons. Reading the online courses was easier than I thought it would be. I was also surprised at how much information, I have had experience with.
Lorenzi Nunez
My experience was very good with you. This info helped me learn and refresh some information, I am very happy to give online reviews for your positive services.
Luisa Gabriela Rodriguez
The learning experience was simple and each section had very easy to understand text and video support. I was very happy with the entire program. I live in the state of Florida and once again I was surprised how easy it was to learn the required skills of an HHA.
Joseph F. Conti
I was a CNA for many years and wanted to get back in to helping others as a second job but was unable to take classes due to my first job so I enjoy the convenience of taking an online course. I live in Florida.
Jennifer Fike
I found this course to be very beneficial and informative. I appreciated the concise format that information was delivered in. The chapter headings made it easy to review any material I found difficult. The descriptive writing made it easy to visualize and understand the proper procedures necessary to work as a professional HHA.I feel comfortable that I can complete duties with confidence.
Jay Ronald Krech
I was surprised at how easily I was able to comprehend the material given. That may be in part because the medical field has always held a certain fascination for me. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this course. I can’t wait to put this valuable information to work. Thank you for helping me get my start as a healthcare professional. I live in the state of California.
Raphael Nunez
I greatly enjoyed my experience with this site. I live in Florida. As Florida is a very hectic state my greatest like of the site was that I was able to access it at anytime. It was very convenient. I was very surprised however that I did not receive any scores or emails regarding my module test that i took after certain lessons during the chapters. I did however love all the information the site provided which was my favorite part. Each module and chapter were very informative and what i did not understand from the readings were explained throughout the little videos during some of the lessons.
Kyla Sanchez
Everything was very understandable and clear. Thank you.
Inga Wilkins
My experience gained through this course was very helpful in acquiring more knowledge, commitment, and care for our patients.
Carmen M. Hernandez
My experience with your online course was great. I was mostly surprised that your program allowed a practice test and allowed it to be printed if need be
Qaniqwa L. Redding
Very well organized course. Very easy to navigate. Learned a lot about the different regulations. Was surprised the most when reading HIV Chapter. I live in Florida.
Manuel Macia Rodriguez
This is the best website I ever used. The content is super organizeed. All skills and video content is really easy to understand thank you.
Yanely Padilla
I really enjoyed learning with this course because it gave me the freedom to learn on my own time. I also really enjoyed the instructional videos that were provided because they allowed me to see how to properly perform all of the tasks. I was surprised at how detailed the information was in each of the lessons. I was also surprised at how easy it was to understand the course material. At first I was worried that it would be very difficult to learn how to perform all of the procedures. However, the step by step instructions along with the instructional videos, made learning the procedures quick and efficient. I live in New York State.
Dennis George Lysov
It is a very easy course to navigate in. Very interesting information I learned in regards to, wheelchair transferring. I was very surprised about the care for the elderly. I live in the state of Florida.
Christan Qray
It was a great and unique learning experience taking my home health aid course with you.I am delighted with the scope of your coverage of important and diverse topics in basic skills that an aide ought to know.I liked the explanations because they were detailed and comprehensive.I also liked the videos because they were carefully selected and portrayed in practical terms what the explanations meant.It was a exciting course and one that built me intellectually in the field of health.I like the fact that throughout the course,the washing of hands was particularly stressed;I learn that it is effective for infection control.The course is rewarding.
Mark Benjamin Ngaruiya
I must say this exam was a challenge for me. I really loved the fact that I could go back to the articles to find the answers that I was looking for. It took some time but I feel very confident about my test and I’m praying that I did do good and passed it, and I’m from Fort Pierce FL.
Rashiemah Robinson
I found the experience taking this exam pleasant. It allowed me the flexibility to study and take the exam around my work hours which was quite helpful. I think the practice exam helped me a great deal as it highlighted the more important things to keep in mind in the information packets. I am from Massachusetts.
Francisco Collazo
It was really informative. I learned new skills.
Anessa Joachim
It was good I loved how everything was broke into sections, easy for me to learn and focus.
Makiyah Dames
I like that there is no time limit to do the exam. It was convenient that I can do my class anytime.
Minierose Dandeneau
I live in Massachusetts. My overall experience with you is good. I have no complaints, no dislikes about anything. Thank you.
Luis Omar Muniz Cardona
I felt this course was informative and educational. I was able to brush up on old skills as well as learning a new skills. I reside in Lowell, Ma and have been a HHA for over 25 years. I throughly enjoy what I do everyday!
Tammy Jean Herring
I liked how I was given the option to go straight to the test. I didn`t dislike anything!
Aniah Keara Jackson
This is a very informative course. I thought it was very thorough. I live in Rhode Island
Rose A Severin
My experience was very helpful and I also processed all given information that was provided for me during this task. What I liked about this task was that I get to learn and practice every skill that was on this test and what I disliked was the True/false I would prefer to answer my questions through multiple choice. I live in the state of Florida, and I was surprised about explaining to seven questions, but overall I learned a lot throughout this whole process of the Home health Aide course.
Jaida Anderson
This is a very good online course to take I would highly recommend it to others I live in Tampa fl the course was easy to comprehend.
Rokiera Miller
It has been a good experience, I understood all the content and it is explained in a clear way. I live in Florida.
Jaqueline Gonzalez
Hailing from Florida, I found the ease of the website favorable. I can’t honestly say I disliked any thing about the course. I was a bit surprised at the difficulty of some questions. It was an extremely in-depth course. I would definitely recommend it to others who are interested in a career in the HHA field.
Diane DiServio
It was very productive and interesting and I liked it. It is motivating to be able to see the videos and do the test online, when working or just on the go. It helped me.I live in Florida, Fort Myers
Silvia Beatriz Izquierdo
I live in Kansas. Some things have changed in the medical field. So getting a refresher course in updated information was a good thing..
Christina Frizzell
I am really happy I took this course It has made me better understand what I work for and showed me different and new ways I can use to help .Thank you Very much
Allisa E Lewis
I found this course is so informative, and I confident to provide the best my skills for my patient. That was really convenient way to obtain HHA certification. I learn a lot
Elvira Bickett
I liked that I could do it at my own pace
Michelle Ayala
My name is Lidiya. I am from Western New York. Original my occupation is an Optician, but as I like to help older people, what I do for many years. I needed a certificate of HHA to continue my caregiver job. I was very satisfied with you program. I found the information in this course to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you, Lidiya.
Lidiya Tumash
I loved this course, I learned a lot about the importance of taking care of the people who are in need. By taking this course I will be able to participate in a great team. Where I will be able to take care of those who mostly need my help. I learned about the responsibilities for taking care of patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities for example the elderly. With this course I will be able to work in entry level positions as a home health aide, which will help me develop even more my speech and help my community.
Yunetsy Morales
I live in Florida, and I really liked the content taught in this course. I think about the importance of to learn of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be.I am working in an institution for the elderly and for me it was positive experience. the knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients.getting my certificate will make me better at my job and economically.The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good work in general with it.
Silvia Elena Gonsalez
I had a wonderful experience, every section was very informative, I have learned a lot of new things that I had no idea about before hand. I would recommend this to everyone that wants to be an Hha.
Diamond Young
I was very pleased with this course and how easily accessible the information was made to learn and brush up on my skills.
John B Williams
This course was presented in informal and useful way. I did learn a lot of from this course, and gain knowledge which I is going be so helpful and useful to perform the best my duty as HHA. Also, online course is help me save a lot of time.
Bohdan Halchak
My experience with this course was really good. I enjoyed learning all about the career I want to pursue. I love that I will be able to help people that are disabled or chronically ill. I learned about the responsibilities of a professional who pursues the career. This career is a big and valuable part of any health care team, by taking this course I will be able to help those who are in need. I know that I will like my future job. And most importantly I will help the people who are I need for the assistance that I will be able to provide after taking the course.
Litz La O Lamadrid
I had a positive experience with this course. I just wish they have a customer service phone number.
Sandy Llanes
I am very happy I took this cours it has made me better understand the area were I work. Thank you very much. Really happy with my new job.
Daniel Cabrera
My experience during this online course was a very informative one. The information was clear and easy to understand. The modules were not confusing at all. The information was all vital and nothing extra. I enjoyed being able to work on my own time at my own pace. I was comfortable and confident while taking all exams because I feel the modules properly prepared me for them. The exams were not lengthy and drawn out. It was easy to interpret the questions and answer the questions.
Chelsea Nicole Brown
I am from a foreign country and now I live in florida. I have found a great opportunity in this course. I studied nursing in my country and I worked 4 years ago. Now I am looking for how to insert myself in this service here in the USA. This course has seemed interesting to me and updated. This is very much in line with my interests and I hope to start working soon with this online experience. Take all the material and print it and study the whole content all night. I am excited with the idea of rescuing my vocation again in this country and being able to offer my help to patients and I intend to continue studying for my overcoming as a registered nurse in the future. I have really loved the knowledge that the course transmits in its entirety.
Evis I Cruz
My experience was amazing the videos were amazing I was able to really grasp the concept more and it was better to actually see a video. I enjoyed the information, I was able to take amazing notes and I really learned a lot. The practice tests were also good I was able to practice before I took the test which was amazing because I was able to study more and I was able to see how i would have done on a test so I really enjoyed the practice tests. There was nothing I could say that I disliked because I had an amazing experience.
Amaris Williams
Excellent I Love this website! The questions are easy to understand and everything is organized. I love it thank you very much!
Nurys Constanzo
I was my great opportunity to take online course. I was surprised to know that we can do online HHA training which is more affordable and convenient. I enjoyed reading all materials required for the course and some interesting youtube videos. Thanks a lot for the developer of this course. I did not have a hard time, because I had being doing a PCA job since 5 years. I definitely recommend this course to my friends who wants to be HHA. Thank you
Menuka Rizal
I am living in Florida. My experience with this course has been a little different than expected. A good portion of the information in this course has been common sense knowledge, but there has also been a lot of information that will be helpful in the future. I am very pleased with the new concepts I have learned while completeling the course. I have already started using some of the practices explained during the course, and I look forward to becoming a better home health aide when I begin.
Samantha Brown
I actually had an great experience. I learned many new things that I didn’t know and I actually took the go at your own pace as a good idea. I had no complaints I’ve learned everything I needed to know to get me started thank you so much. #Florida I’m most surprised at how you gave great details on everything i needed to know!
Celena Wynter
The experiance was learning and good information. I didnt like all the reading. I would have liked to have had the option to look at videos rather then to do alot of reading because I learn better and retain information, but other wise the online course was very helpful and I would recommend it to family and friends.
Leonita Bellamy
It was a nice and easy set up course with prompt costumer service.Thank you. NY state.
Galina Ziminski
When I saw this course I thought about the importance of obtaining the certificate of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be. I live in florida and I am a HHA in an institution for the elderly and for me it was a very positive experience. the knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients. The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good job.
Kalyane Puente
The experience I had with HHA online course was good everything was well organized. It had a great format to teach & train you. I enjoyed this class, you can work at your own pace and really understand what you are learning. You can study before you move on.
Russell Jackson
I was very surprised by how thorough this test is. It is very informational on every skill you need to help take care of the elderly. It gave me a lot of insight into things I wasn’t sure about before. I will definitely recommend this website to others. I’m looking forward to using what I learned on here. The things I have learned on here are skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I hope everyone that uses this site thinks it is as useful as I feel that it is. I live in Ohio and I am trying to find me a job in the health care field, hopefully I can use all of these skills very soon.
Wesley Rawlins
I live in florida. the course was fair and to the point. I feel that I have learned a lot.
Peter Zimmerman
This course clearly represents nursing skills, and knowledge. Im so confident to provide my HHA skills for my patient. Also, this online program is so convenient, and perfectly covers the entire concept.
Olga Ramazanova
I am very happy I took this course. Tt has really helped me understand more were I stand and how to better provide service to patients in need. Thank you very much.
Arlette Gonzalez
I liked how thorough the assignments were. I live in Florida. I was surprised how easy the course was.
Briana Alexis Garbitt-Santos
I live in Florida. I had an amazing experience with the course. In my opinion I felt comfortable and I felt like I learned a lot of things from this course. It is very detailed and provides a lot of important information. There were not many things that surprised me because I had some general knowledge and some concepts are common sense, but the fact that the course is so detailed in its information and it provides so much useful information makes me feel like I learned a lot. I will definitely remember about this course in the workplace and in life in general.
Jorge Rodriguez-Roura
I live in florida,miami and i really liked the content taught in this course.I think about the importance of to learn of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be.I am working in an institution for the elderly and for me it was positive experience. the knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients.getting my certificate will make me better at my job and economically.The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good work in general with it.
Odalis D Valdez
I live in Florida. It is really convenient and I learn a lot from this course; specifically infection control. I will advise people to take this program with you.Thanks for this program!
Ivrose Pierre Jasmin
I think the information was informative and thourough! I live in florida.
Jason Robert
I was highly satisfied with this program. I was satisfied with the timely manner that i was able to complete this course. I did not like how some questions were tricky. I belive they should be straight to the point. I was surprised that I did not have to sit in a classroom to take this course. I also feel that paypal should not be the only payment method for this course. I have never needed to use paypal for anything, so having to set up and account was very inconvenient. I live in the great state of Ohio.
Erin Castle
I like the course. I didn’t dislike anything about it. Florida
Deborah Wells
I learned the correct ways to perform duties of an home health aid. I feel very confident this course has given me the ability to do a job in caring for people I work with. I have learned many things that I did not know and how to perform them. I liked the course and look forward to implementing what I learned. I have access to the course material if I forget or need reviewing. I disliked the course only that some of the videos did not work at first. But overall I like the course and can look back if need to. Thank you from florida
Patricia Ferrante
I liked how the questions were straight forward and they were fair. I live in NY. I wasn’t surprised about anything because the answers were very fair and straight wasn’t too difficult not too easy.
Simarpreet Kaur
Hi my name is Trinity and I’m from Ohio and my experience with this online certification class was actually pretty good and I got to learn alot of neat things that will just help me grow in the field that I work in. I liked how much information I got to learn about and all the different topics this online HAHA certification covered. I think this site should maybe include more pictures and maybe include some type of game to make this learning experience a little more fun.
Trinity Adrianna Gilbert
The course was interesting, covered a lot topics that we, the people who is going to work with disabled persons have to know, very explicit. I live in Florida. Thank you.
Yamaris Rodriguez
I am from Idaho, the only state that does not require HHA certification to be a home healthcare provider. I took many of these tests working in nursing homes, and have also worked in many private care facilities throughout 7 years. This course was more of a refresher for me which i liked. The information seemed to be pretty standard across the board so it was not confusing. I was mostly just happy to have a test available online to take. Thanks!
Ashley Marie Mencer
Thanks for the opportunity, now I can to start a job and continue growing using these nursing skills.
Midely Aguila Gonzalez
The first thing that attracted me to the course was the price, I was looking for a course like this, a course that I could pass quickly and at the same time allow me to consolidate my knowledge. The course is designed so that all people can expand their knowledge. The use of videos in this course helps to understand everything that is explained. I would like to continue doing courses like this and at this price. I want to thank all those who have made this course possible.
Maria I Santiago Lopez
It was a good experience with clear sections and easily understood.
Delree Graham
I am from Florida. I liked the detailed information written on each topic. It was very precise, a good review for me since I had been working in an assisted living facility. I learned some new things. I never had any schooling before. The videos helped tremendously. I feel more confident about doing this work. More importantly it has given me skills the needed to care for and communicate well with the people I look forward to working with. It has increased my confidence and I feel happy about taking this course. I thank you all for this opportunity. The course was convenient for me since I work. I will definitely recommend it to others. Very well done!
Susan Lynn Wong
It was good and very easy. I didn’t have trouble navigating through the system. This was very convenient and it worked with my busy schedule. I live in Florida. I did not feel any pressure of others being with me or rushing me to finish. I did experience some delay on my response to the quizzes that I took but once I spoke to some everything was fine.
Stacey Stallworth
I enjoyed the test not being very long. I live in Florida. I wasnt surprised about anything.
Tristen Batts
My experience was good. It exposed me to a lot of health precautions and more about the field. Thanks for the knowledge! I will recommend friends go through this. I reside in Ohio.
Kenfrancis Uzodinma
Great course and great information…..thank you!
Maritsa DeJesus
I Absolutely loved this program!
Daquesha Mojeh McCluster
I liked that I also learned things that I did not know. It was interesting to read on different procedures and skill sets that I will need for future jobs. overall I thought this program was very educational and I would recommend this program to all of my future coworkers because I thought the process was easy and informal.
Bernice Hunt
Im excited, ,when I saw this course I thought about the importance of obtaining the certificate of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be. I live in florida and I am a HHA in an institution for the elderly and for me it was a very positive experience. The knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients. The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good job.
Lazara Munoz Rodriguez
Very quick and easy to make it through!
Jillian Paige Havekost
I feel the course was very helpful and answered alot of my questions. I live in north fort myers florida.
Catherine Garcia
My name is Isabel Rosabal Lago. I live in Tampa, Florida. First I want to thank for allowing this course at an affordable price. I found the course looking online and the price of the course was what first caught my attention. It is a very good course that allows people who do not know about the subject to acquire knowledge, and people who know the subject to consolidate our knowledge. I will definitely recommend this course to the people I know. The videos they have at the end of each topic are very good because they help to understand more of what is being talked about. Thank you.
Isabel Rosabal Lago
It was very informative, definitely will help me to go on to be employed as a caregiver, it helped me knowing what to expect in daily practice and to have a better relationship with my clients. I live in the state of Florida.
Donna Savery
I live in the state of Florida. In my opinion the course is excellent. Really well put together, it gives the student up to date information on how to take good care of a patient; regardless of a health condition. Which was exactly my goal at the beginning of the course. One thing that can be added is if depending on age, if the way to treat a patient would change. I liked how they gave step by step procedures on how to complete a certain task. I was surprised by the different ways that domestic violence can harm an individual- it goes beyond physical pain, it can even leave an emotional scar.
Francys Lorena Rodriguez Lopez
The experience very satisfactory, I like everything related to health and help people, I live in Florida.
Argia D Urquiloa
The course was very inclusive and went into fine detail.
Natalie Marie Wilhelm
This course was a great learning experience, each topic was covered to the fullest.I loved the fact that the topics wasn’t to long but gave you just what you needed to know.
Chasity Celisse Shepard
I have wanted to take this course. My job used to offer it, but when I felt able enough to take it. It was no longer available. This experience has refreshed my skills . I always like to make sure I am doing things as requested of me. I live in panhandle of fl. the northwest region in Crestview. I was surprised to take the practice test of 60 questions and did good. With out studying, I wanted to see how much I knew. I only got & wrong. Now I know why I got them wrong as well as studied to insure not to miss them again.I was told about this course through a new job inquiry. I did not know this was offered online. Before I though we had to travel to a state specified location, like Tallahassee. Which is a few hours away from me. I hope to learn as much as I can as a CNA/HHA and become certified in home health as an aide. I work for a hospice non for profit organization now. the knowledge I thought I had before this job was nothing compared to the 6 1/2 yrs being with hospice. I want to be well versatile in my job field as much as I can be. This course offers so much information to anyone willing to learn. I did not know there was a difference in universal precautions ver standard precautions. I learned that universal precautions used to be the rules to go by until they realized it did not include all some body fluids and mucous membranes. The CDC then renamed it to include everything and become Standard Precautions

Great experience. Wish I had found this online course sooner. Definitely will recommend it
Sindel Su Dubois

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